As the civil war in the Syrian Arab Republic enters its third year, fighting is creeping ever closer to the heart of the Assad regime’s command and control centres in Damascus. On March 28, a mortar attack killed ten students at the College of Architecture in a central district of the city, a building that is located near the defense ministry, state media headquarters, and the official presidential residence. Reports indicate that a carefully prepared covert operation orchestrated by the US and its allies has resulted in a significant increase of sophisticated weapons destined for select Syrian rebel units. In the meanwhile, the Syrian National Council (SNC) continues to pursue legitimacy as the recognized government of Syria, and it was buoyed by the opening of its first embassy in Doha on March 27 one day after the Arab League allowed the SNC to take Syria’s seat at the Arab League Summit. (March 26, 2013 – CBS News; March 28, 2013 – CNN; March 28, 2013 – Guardian UK)