Uruguayan President Jose Mujica recently offended Argentine officials when, during a press conference regarding the difficulties in trade between Uruguay and Argentina, he stated “the old lady is worse than the crossed eye man” in reference to Argentine President Christina Kirchner and her late Husband Nestor Kirchner. Alternatively, the Uruguayan government has reiterated their support for the Argentine claim to the Malvinas Islands in a new ad campaign, as well as the amicable camaraderie between both nations and their respective governments. The plans for a gas plant in the River Plate coast have been set and President Mujica stands firm that they will build the plant with or without Argentine support. Finally, Uruguayan exports have subsequently decreased 13% since last year; furthering President Mujica’s apprehension to the terms of regional trade in South America. (April 5, 2013, Huffinton Post; April 3, 2013, MercoPress; April 2, 2013, MercoPress; April 2, 2013 CNCS; April 5, 2013 Buenos Aires Herald).