Groups of indigenous Venezuelans are pressuring Venezuelan officials to uphold promises of returning native land to them through a program initiated by late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. 250, 000 hectares are reportedly meant to be returned to the Yukpa community, but complications in the negotiations and redistribution of the land are causing lengthy and violent clashes. In an effort to avoid currency devaluation and black market funding, the Venezuelan government has begun to auction off American dollars and Euros to specific companies but did not name the companies or the prices for the auctions. These auctions have taken place in an effort to alleviate the level of demands for the basic basket of goods for Venezuelan citizens. Lastly, President Nicolas Maduro stands to win a clear victory in the upcoming April 14 elections to be held in Venezuela after running on a platform heavily based around his connections to late President Hugo Chavez. (April 1, 2013, MercoPress; April 5, 2013 Al-Jazeera; April 1, 2013, Reuters).