Reports state that the Colombian army has killed 4 FARC guerrilla group members and made a number of arrests during a conflict near the Panamanian border. This occurs while major FARC commander Pablo Catatumbo arrives in Cuba to engage in the current peace talks between the rebel group and the Colombian government. This move is reportedly to rally more internal FARC support for the peace talks through Catatumbo who is the commander of the FARC’s Western Bloc. Lastly, the current legal framework of the FARC peace talks is being challenged by a high-ranking Colombian Prosecutor who advises that the peace talks may be proceeding under illegal circumstances. Colombian Solicitor General Alejandro Ordonez is arguing that the framework that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos drew up may leave serious crimes unpunished by providing insufficient or lenient disciplinary measures for FARC guerrilla members. (April 7, 2013, CR; April 6, 2013, CR; April 5, 2013, Reuters)