The massive influx of Asian, African, and Haitian refugees that arrived in the Brazilian province of Acre which declared a ‘state of emergency’ has prompted a government response. A federal task force has made the decision to issue residency visas and work permits for the refugees in the region until stronger border security can be implemented to curb any further increase in the number of refugees. Lastly, the Brazilian government has slammed the US on two separate issues recently. The first issue addresses the delays and procrastinated efforts to reform and rebalance the IMF to allow for more inclusion from emerging economies. Brazilian Finance Minister Guido Mantega openly criticized both US and European members of dragging their feet on the approved 2010 rebalancing and capital doubling which have been held up since 2011. The second issue regards a warning from Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota against meddling in ‘foreign affairs’ of Venezuela’s recent election. Minister Patriota referenced the fact that the US and many European countries have yet to ratify Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s victory on Sunday. (April 17, 2013 BBC; April 20, 2013 AFP; April 20, 2013 AFP)