Prior to attending the emergency meeting of Unasur leaders in Lima, Peru to support Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s election Argentine President Christina Fernandez released a statement urging the United States to recognize the new Venezuelan government. The request comes after US sentiments of illegitimate elections and a request for a ballot recount. In an unrelated event, massive protests flooded the streets of Argentine cities to express discontent with the Argentine government. Issues being protested included grievances such as increased inflation, elevated crime, a proposed bill that would politicise the Argentine judiciary and President Fernandez’ attempts to amend the constitution in search of a 3rd presidential term. As yet, there has been no response from the Argentine government. Lastly, Economic Minister Hernan Lorenzino is in Washington attending the IMF and WB annual conferences to explain Argentina’s new price index that the government has been working on to address the defaulted debts the country owes to international investors. Minister Lorenzino is set to meet with IMF representatives as well as G20 and G24 ministers in an effort to stave off ‘vulture’ funds that the Argentine government poses a threat to the Argentine economy. (April 17, 2013 MercoPress; April 19, 2013 BBC; April 18, 2013 Reuters; April 18, 2013 BAH)