Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has expressed that he may consider running for re-election next year but has yet to provide any details. President Santos, whose peace talks with the FARC have been ongoing since 2012, has stated that were he re-elected he would opt to reform the presidency. President Santos suggested that the Colombian presidency should last for 6 years instead of four and that no re-election should be granted. Consequently, he has stated that if he does run for re-election it will only be for a two year term to coincide with this proposition. Lastly, Colombian forces have seized near 300 properties at an estimated value of $28 M belonging to one of the country’s most notorious drug dealers, Daniel Barrera. Barrera is currently in jail in Colombia awaiting extradition to the United States where he will stand trial for drug trafficking and money laundering charges.  (April 20, 2013 WSJ; April 20, 2013 Bloomberg; April 17, 2013 BBC)