Amid concerns about violence from the Syrian civil war spilling into Israeli territory, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu appeared on BBC this week to reaffirm that the military will act to prevent “game-changing weapons” from falling into the hands of anti-Israel terrorists in Syria. While Israel is closely focused on the internal conflict raging inside the borders of its northern neighbour, Israelis are very cognizant about the threat of terrorist attacks emanating from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula region, which has seen a proliferation of anti-Israel militant groups since the fall of the Mubarak regime. The resort town of Eilat was hit by rockets from the Sinai earlier this week, but did not cause any damage or casualties. On the business front, Israeli airlines went on strike to protest the Open Skies deal which would reduce restrictions for European carriers in Israeli airspace and would transform the country into a layover hub while increasing competition. (April 17, 2013 Reuters; April 18, 2013 BBC News; April 21, 2013 CTV News)