Events in Libya have been marked by strong atmosphere of lawlessness since the fall of the Gaddafi regime, with the weak central government unable to bring armed militias under its control, contributing to a security vacuum throughout the country. An attack on a Libyan police convoy transporting prisoners to a jail in Tripoli left one inmate dead and one seriously injured, while a third inmate was kidnapped by gunmen. On a positive note, reports say that a reconciliation conference meant to sue for peace between Libya’s southern tribes has resulted in an accord that may serve as a step for ensuring stability in the country. In Europe, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is now being investigated by French prosecutors over allegations that Gaddafi’s Libya helped to fund his successful 2007 election campaign. (April 18, 2013 –AFP; April 19, 2013 BBC News; April 21, 2013 Global Times)