The Republic of Turkey, having re-emerged as an important broker in the Middle East in recent years, was the site of a Friends of Syria meeting this week during which US Secretary of State John Kerry announced a doubling of non-lethal US aid to Syrian rebels, while affirming that Washington is committed to a peaceful transition in the war-wracked nation. Turkey is also in the process of sorting out its angry diplomatic spat with Israel, and following an official apology from Binyamin Netanyahu on the Mavi Marmara raid, Turkey’s Deputy PM has said that he sees a full resumption of ties between the two former allies on the horizon. Meanwhile, Turkey has dismantled a network of ten people who are suspected of smuggling weapons and fighters to support hardline Islamic militant groups fighting the Assad regime in Syria. (April 16, 2013 Reuters; April 17, 2013 Jerusalem Post; April 20, 2013 BBC News)