The Islamic Republic of Iran made headlines this week for a reason other than its controversial nuclear program, as a major earthquake rocked the country and was felt far beyond its borders, sending shockwaves through the region. Nevertheless, the quake struck close to the only known Iranian nuclear station, which is located at the town of Bushehr, some 90km from the epicenter of the quake. Just one day prior to the quake, Iran had unveiled a uranium processing facility and a uranium mine to mark its “National Nuclear Day” in the central province of Yazd. Underscoring the importance of the Iranian nuclear program, a powerful cleric who served as the country’s lead nuclear negotiator, Hassan Rowhani, announced that he would run for the presidency in the upcoming June election. (April 9, 2013 CNN; April 10, 2013 BBC News; April 11, 2013 Al-Arabiya)