July 15th 2013 in Briefings

The Republic of Iraq has struck a much-needed business contract with the Republic of India, as the Iraqi government confirmed that it will offer India three discovered oil fields on nomination basis. Supplies to India from key oil producer Iran have declined due to tight EU and US sanctions against Tehran, but Iraq has assured the Indian government that it will pump out enough crude oil to make up for any gaps resulting from halted Iran oil shipments. The week was not without bad news though, as two bomb attacks near Sunni mosques in Baghdad killed dozens of people and wounded countless more, just days after a café explosion in the northern city of Kirkuk left at least thirty-eight people dead. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari also stated in an interview this week that while Iraqi authorities condemn Iranian weapons shipments to Syria through Iraqi airspace, the government does not possess the ability to stop them. (July 11, 2013 The Hindu; July 13, 2013 BBC News; July 13, 2013 New York Times)