New satellite imagery has allegedly revealed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is targeting the State of Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran with powerful advanced ballistic missiles capable of carrying a two-ton payload. While in the past insiders have spoken of secret collaboration between Israel and Saudi Arabia in order to ensure regional peace, the countries do not enjoy formal diplomatic ties. Separately, American officials have said that Israel was responsible for a military strike against a Syrian facility holding advanced anti-ship cruise missiles near the port city of Latakia. Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has previously said that his country will respond to any new Israeli strikes in Syria, at a time and place of its choosing. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu also warned that the Islamic Republic of Iran is moving dangerously close to building a nuclear weapon, and said that Israel may have to act before the United States in order to ensure that Iran does not develop a nuclear arsenal. (July 12, 2013 The Washington Times; July 13, 2013 Associated Press; July 14, 2013 AFP)