The Colombian government is seeking answers from US agencies after leaked reports indicate that they were the target of NSA spying. The monitoring tactics are reported to have gone far beyond a military spectrum and stretched towards the “commercial secrets” of oil and energy. Colombian forces have reported that they have unearthed a shocking 21 000 roadside bombs in a span of six months. The roadside bombs – which were planted by rebel groups within the country – are only estimated to be a fraction of the explosives still left by the rebels and is continuing their search.  Colombian forces have also extradited Daniel Barrera, one of the country’s most notorious drug lords, to the United States to face drug trafficking and money laundering charges. Barrera was convicted under the same charges in Colombia in 1990 but eventually escaped. He was more recently caught in Venezuela wherein he was extradited to Colombia. Lastly, displaced Colombian refugees are beginning their migration back to their lands that have been stolen from them. The citizens are still awaiting an official agreement between the Colombian government and the FARC, but have begun returning and may be facing threats from still-present FARC forces.  (July, 10 2013 The Guardian; July 11, 2013 BBC; July 9, 2013 BBC; July 11, 2013 Al Jazeera)