The Brazilian government has reported that US Vice President Joe Biden has contacted Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff in an attempt to smooth over relations following the release of US spying documents. The conversation between President Rouseff and Vice President Biden included an apology regarding the matter and a brief explanation. Ultimately, the invitation for a Brazilian delegation to be sent to Washington was made so that they could be informed of “technical and political details” regarding the matter. Following the country’s internal turmoil and a recent interview with former Brazilian President Inacio Lula da Silva is sparking rumours of a possible presidential run from former President da Silva. The former metalworker boasts a much higher approval rating and stronger political history after his 2003-2010presidency. Former president Lula has denied such claims that he will return for another presidential run, but time still remains for him to throw his hat in the ring. Lastly, Brazil has geared up more than 14 000 troops for the Pope’s upcoming visit to Brazil.  Pope Francis plans to address many issues regarding social injustices in the country as well as to address the protestors directly. Nonetheless, Brazilian officials still fear mass protests to arise with his arrival and are aggressively preparing to quell them should they arrive. (July 20, 2013 Washington Times; July 20, 2013 CTV; July 21, 2013 FT; July 19, 2013 FT; July 21, 2013 NYT)