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Iran Nuclear Standoff and the Cuban Missile Crisis: Shared Mechanisms and Strategies of Conflict Resolution

Author: Joseph Lerner, Edited by: Col. Gordon Forbes (ret.)

Date: September 1st 2013

The Cuban Missile Crisis: the mechanisms of Conflict Resolution that could be utilized in post-Cold War era.

Summary: the thesis of this paper focuses on the similarities between the Iran nuclear standoff and the Cuban Missile Crisis. This paper addresses that similar methodology, mechanisms, ...

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South America and Islamist Militants: Possible Repercussions of Terrorist Alignments in the Wake of Hugo Chavez’s Death

By Yakir Pimentel, Edited by Col. Gordon Forbes (ret.)

Date: July 4th 2013

The ‘Tri-Border Region’ – comprised of the convergence point between the Brazilian, Paraguayan and Argentine borders – has long been a significant concern for regional security authorities. The weak military presence, coupled with insufficient border control - and the impenetrable jungle thicket - provide excellent conditions ...

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Cyberspace: The Future Battlefields and Wars

Authored by Joseph Lerner, Edited by Dr. Terry Tucker (PhD), Daniel R. Little (PhD Candidate), Stephen Cheney

Date: August 24th 2012

After the recent Cyber-attacks that have targeted the Lockheed Martin, Google, Sony, Nintendo’s database, the US Government and Military Websites and Canadian Government’s Websites the reality of how the modern wars are fought has changed. “US Government and Military Websites Redirected to Chinese Servers: The report says telecommunications companies in China disrupted the ...

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The Damocles’ Sword of French Policy in Syria: Weighing the Incompatibility between Prestige and International Norms

By Daniel Little

Date: August 10th 2012

In his Tusculan Disputations, Roman philosopher Cicero tells a story about Dionysius II; a powerful ruler of Syracuse surrounded by luxury and flattery. Having heard the platitudes offered by Damocles, Dionysius offers him the chance to sample the life of a ruler. Initially the wealth, abundance of food and attention provides a welcome distraction until Damocles takes pause to look ...

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