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Iran Nuclear Standoff and the Cuban Missile Crisis: Shared Mechanisms and Strategies of Conflict Resolution

Author: Joseph Lerner, Edited by: Col. Gordon Forbes (ret.)

Date: September 1st 2013

The Cuban Missile Crisis: the mechanisms of Conflict Resolution that could be utilized in post-Cold War era.

Summary: the thesis of this paper focuses on the similarities between the Iran nuclear standoff and the Cuban Missile Crisis. This paper addresses that similar methodology, mechanisms, ...

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The Six Principles and 27 Articles for Competitive Strategy

Date: July 8th 2013

By Dr. Terry Tucker, PhD



The following principles and articles represent a framework for education and planning.  They are not prescriptive, immutable, nor should be considered inviolable.  They should be understood as both the art and science of the subject. Art excepts rules and principles, but only as a guide.  The crucial element is recognizing ...

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South America and Islamist Militants: Possible Repercussions of Terrorist Alignments in the Wake of Hugo Chavez’s Death

By Yakir Pimentel, Edited by Col. Gordon Forbes (ret.)

Date: July 4th 2013

The ‘Tri-Border Region’ – comprised of the convergence point between the Brazilian, Paraguayan and Argentine borders – has long been a significant concern for regional security authorities. The weak military presence, coupled with insufficient border control - and the impenetrable jungle thicket - provide excellent conditions ...

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New Uprising in Egypt: Goodby Morsi

Date: July 1st 2013

By Sergei Oudman

It was of course a matter of time before the polity in Egypt would go to the streets again.  The writing has been on the wall for some time, yet despite the many warnings from both the International Community - and ...

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Lost Revenue, Strategy, Sustainability and Community Outreach

Date: June 23rd 2013

By Dr. Terry Tucker, PhD

The Financial Impact of your Social, Governance, and Environmental Community Projects and Your Organizational Strategy:


Organizations view emerging and existing Governance, Economic and Social (GES) sustainability as compliance, feel-good projects, do-good requirements, flash fads, or maybe the cost of doing business. ...

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Strategic History and Themes of Legitimacy

Date: June 23rd 2013

By Dr. Terry Tukker, PhD

History is supposed to be a look back in an effort to guide the way forward.  Pax Britannica looked back to Rome, but the Rome of the historians was many Rome’s;  there was republican Rome, Catholic Rome and the Rome of Antonines. In essence, this period of history ...

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FARC and UNASUR: Internal security threats endangering South American prosperity

By Yakir Pimentel, Edited by Col. (ret.) Gordon Forbes

Date: March 14th 2013

Latin American security in the 20th century has been much less characterized by interstate conflict and international threats, and in turn has experienced a significant spike in domestic threats to the central government due to the activity of rebel militant groups.  This tendency has been analyzed by Salehyan (Salehyan, 2010) who ...

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Middle East: To Challenge the Patriarch

By Joseph Lerner, Edited by Col. Gordon Forbes (ret.)

Date: December 17th 2012

It is essential to be prepared for a possibility that the plans for implementing the Western-style democracy in Middle Eastern countries may be unsuccessful. The Tunisian uprising ignited the Arab Spring, which had a domino effect that resulted in an uprising in Egypt and removal of Mubarak, the ...

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Operational Adaptability, Is it Self-Constraining?

By Dr. Terry Tucker (PhD)

Date: August 31st 2012

Dr. Tucker (PhD) is a Senior Consultant for Spatial Terra Consulting Group, a contributor to Wikistrat, a massively global geopolitical market place for geopolitical analysis, and is a US Department of Defense Analyst.   The paradox in military training is that we are taught that no plan survives first contact, yet the military decision ...

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