Iran Nuclear Standoff and the Cuban Missile Crisis: Shared Mechanisms and Strategies of Conflict Resolution

Author: Joseph Lerner, Edited by: Col. Gordon Forbes (ret.)

Date: September 01st 2013

The Cuban Missile Crisis: the mechanisms of Conflict Resolution that could be utilized in post-Cold War era.

Summary: the thesis of this paper focuses on the similarities between the Iran nuclear standoff and the Cuban Missile Crisis. This paper ...

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Operational Adaptability, Is it Self-Constraining?

By Dr. Terry Tucker (PhD)

Date: August 31st 2012

Dr. Tucker (PhD) is a Senior Consultant for Spatial Terra Consulting Group, a contributor to Wikistrat, a massively global geopolitical market place for geopolitical analysis, and is a US Department of Defense Analyst.   The paradox in military training is that we are taught that no plan survives first ...

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Cyberspace: The Future Battlefields and Wars

Authored by Joseph Lerner, Edited by Dr. Terry Tucker (PhD), Daniel R. Little (PhD Candidate), Stephen Cheney

Date: August 24th 2012

cybercommand-300x199After the recent Cyber-attacks that have targeted the Lockheed Martin, Google, Sony, Nintendo’s database, the US Government and Military Websites and Canadian Government’s Websites the reality of how the modern wars are fought has changed. “US Government and Military Websites Redirected to Chinese Servers: The report says telecommunications ...

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Spatial Terra and Silent Weapons

By Dr. Terry Tucker, PhD

Date: August 18th 2012

Editorial Note: this article was first published by Read-Online.Org the US based Think-Tank. ( The new edition of it was submitted to Ideas That Shape (ITS) by Dr. Terry Tucker (PhD) and published on Saturday, August 18, 2012. Ideas That Shape (ITS) hopes that this article would lead to constructive debates and ...

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Aviation: Do We Do Security … or Do We Just Plug Holes?

By Capt. Craig Hall

Date: August 12th 2012

You know, this question is at the crux of our entire security screening philosophy, not only in North America but world-wide as well. Let’s look at the facts. Hijacking first started to become a concern about sixty years ago, give or take. A quick Google search will reveal that the first hijacking took place in 1931 in ...

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